This Simple Vitamin Prevents Hair Loss

We recently talked about the benefits of folic acid for our health and that everybody can use it, not only pregnant women, as many people think.

In today's video, we will talk about biotin. Have you ever heard about it?

Biotin is a vitamin from the B-complex group, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. It is a hydrosoluble vitamin produced in the intestine by bacteria and is also obtained via foods.

Like other B-complex vitamins, biotin is related to the metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins. It is also essential for skin, nail, and hair health, besides other benefits. Isn't it amazing?

Watch the video to learn all the benefits of biotin:

0:00 Benefits of Biotin

0:47 Improves the skin
This vitamin is beneficial for the skin.

1:03 Good for the nails
The lack of biotin weakens your nails.

1:47 Good for the hair
Biotin helps with hair loss and also strengthens the hair.

2:02 Biotin Benefits for the Hair
2:24 Biotin Food Sources
2:38 Biotin Deficiency Symptoms

Biotin deficiency is extremely rare since this nutrient is largely present in our eating.

However, when in lack, it can cause:

Brittle nails and hair, baldness, dry and flaky skin, redness around mouth and nose, conjunctivitis, exfoliative dermatitis, muscle aches, and lassitude, followed by an increase in glycemia.

To supplement biotin, you need professional orientation from a doctor or nutritionist. If you think you have a vitamin deficiency, talk to a health professional.



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