Wake Up Your Lover With These 6 Romantic Ways

Whether you’re married, or simply live with your partner, keeping the spark alive in your relationship can be difficult. There are several things you can do, but one easy choice is to wake up your sweetheart in a romantic way. A lovely, unique wake-up call will help start your partner's day in a warmer way.
In today’s video, we’ll talk about 6 romantic morning gestures your partner will love.

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Intro – 0:00
Foot Massage – 00:28
Get a Bath Ready For Them – 01:19
Prepare An Outfit For Them – 02:33
Make Them Breakfast In Bed – 03:38
Make a Note For Them and Place It On Their Pillow – 04:40
Cuddle – 06:02


1. Foot Massage
Relationships can grow cold if you’re not paying attention to each other. This is why physical contact is key.

2. Get A Bath Ready For Them
If you've recently begun dating and aren't sure what your partner wants, talk about it with them.

3. Prepare An Outfit For Them
Romantic wake-ups are excellent for rekindling a lost flame.

4. Make Them Breakfast In Bed
Sweet surprises sprinkled throughout your relationship will only help your connection.

5. Make a Note For Them and Place It On Their Pillow
If you’re always leaving work early in the morning, you know the struggle.

6. Cuddle
This is probably the most basic of the morning gestures on this list.

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