What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Touches You In These 10 Places

Prepare to get intimate for a moment! No, not that type of intimate. Most of us think that communication is all about words. But at the end of the day, body language can reveal a lot about a person and how they're feeling.
Most women pay attention to what a guy means when he texts, or what he says in his texts. But what about touch?

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Caressing The Face
When a man touches a certain region of your body, it reveals a lot about his intentions. The look of a person is what initially attracts us to them. Not the six-pack abs.

Touching The Back
Your back is divided into two sections, upper and lower. When a man touches the top of your back, he is expressing his support for you.

Holding Hands
Hands are made to be held, people! Because we use our hands for so many things, reading them can be a little challenging. A high-five or handshake shows positivity, but it has no romantic connotation.

Playing With Your Locks
The thought of touching the hair as a whole is fascinating. Hair can reveal a lot about someone's personality. When a man brushes your hair it indicates something different.

Any Playful Contact
If you're thinking that a guy touching your back implies nothing, you need to think again. It’s high time you stop overthinking his texts and social media updates, because all you need to know is which body part he touches and what it implies.

A Gentle Stroke On The Leg
Now things are getting really intimate. Needless to say, this is done with consent. Legs are a huge turn-on for most males.

Squeezing The Shoulder
The meaning of certain touches vary depending on the situation. Touching someone's shoulder, for example, might show affection. On the other hand, a person may touch your shoulder out of a sense of urgency.

Frequent Grazing
Body language is everything, folks! Even if he’s not saying anything, he’s talking to you through his movement.

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