What Happens Inside Your Mouth After You Eat

The way to any person’s heart is through their stomach. Food can really boost your mood. But there’s a process it goes through before it reaches your brain, and it all starts with the mouth!

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The nose

There are many foods we enjoy not only because of their taste, but also their smell. You can always tell that chocolate-chip cookies are in the oven just based on their smell. Sometimes, you can even smell them baking in your neighbour’s house.

The tongue

As soon as the food comes in contact with your mouth, the tongue detects its taste. It’s the tongue that tells you the pizza is hot and spicy, as well as if the ice cream is too sweet and cold.

Your teeth

Generally, adults will have 32 teeth, and babies will have 20. The front teeth are called incisors, which number around 4. Next to it are the canines.

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