What Happens To Your Body When Eating Antioxidant Rich Foods

What exactly are antioxidants? Do they really help fight oxidative stress? What are the other benefits to eating this super nutrient? We’re talking about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
What are antioxidants? – 00:30
What is oxidative stress? – 01:57
Health benefits of antioxidants – 02:55
Nutritional sources of antioxidants – 03:46
Antioxidants from supplements – 05:37
Risks of Antioxidant Supplements – 06:17


What are antioxidants?
We keep hearing about antioxidants. They do this, they do that! But what exactly are they? Well, antioxidants are extremely important for your overall health. These nutrients are only now getting the spotlight they deserve. Nowadays a number of foods come with the antioxidant label.

What is oxidative stress?
When there are too many free radicals, there is oxidative stress. This causes damage to your body’s cells. It can also damage your DNA, proteins, and lipids, among others.

Health benefits of antioxidants
Research has shown that eating and drinking things high in antioxidants improve your and your overall health. This is especially true of antioxidants that come from plant-based foods.

Nutritional sources of antioxidants
You need to add a lot of antioxidant-rich food to your diet. There are so many sources to get your fix from.

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