What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Instant Ramen Daily

Instant ramen is a tasty, time-saving, and affordable meal. Nothing's more satisfying than a steaming bowl of instant noodles. You can cook it in the span of just a few minutes, and enjoy.

Instant ramen may be good for your soul, but it's not so great for your body. In today’s video, we’ll discuss how eating too many instant noodles can lead to serious health problems. Can it cause a stroke? What about high blood pressure? Can it impact your liver? We’ll discuss all this AND more…

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Get ready for a headache!
Are you experiencing more headaches than usual? Maybe you should reconsider what you’re eating. As good as it is, instant ramen has too much salt, which can cause headaches and other health problems.

Eating instant noodles daily can have harmful effects on your health. Let’s see how it can impact your behavior.
Eating too much instant ramen can affect the way you act. Of course, it’s great for a cozy meal, but did you know it can increase symptoms of ADHD? This is because of the TBHQ preservative.

Did you know that eating instant noodles daily can stop you from getting the right nutrients?
A large bowl of instant ramen can fill you up, but it’s not particularly healthy. It offers more than the required calories, along with a ton of fat, but it’s lacking in the right nutrients.

If you’re only eating instant ramen, you’re at a higher risk of having a stroke.
Instant ramen is a cheap and simple dinner. Unfortunately, eating too much of it can damage your brain permanently. Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but it’s still 100% true.

If you’re eating a bowl of instant ramen more than twice a week, you’re going to feel bloated.
As if the calories in your favorite ramen package weren't bad enough, ramen can do a whole lot more damage to your health.

Want to know what happens to your digestive tract when you eat instant ramen all the time?
Ramen is super hard to digest. In fact, it will completely throw off your digestive system.

That’s not all. If you’re always eating instant ramen as a quick fix for dinner, you may develop high blood pressure.
Have you seen the tiny flavor packet inside your ramen packaging? What am I saying, of course you have!

As if you thought it couldn’t get any worse… Eating ramen noodles every day can increase your risk of kidney disease!
Your habit of eating instant noodles won’t do any good to your kidneys. The high salt levels in this meal might increase your risk of developing renal disease and kidney stones.

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