What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Potatoes (Potato Benefits)

Want Fast Weight Loss? Juice Fasting is the Key!

People who go on a juice fast are warned that they will have a lot of weight loss really fast & that they should not be alarmed. It is perfectly normal to see people drop 30-40 pounds in a 30 day juice fast! This may be the solution for you, if you are serious and committed to the idea of losing weight.

Fasting, Ketosis, and Candida Diet

This article will discuss about fasting, ketosis, and candida diet. A friend of mine did fasting for at least 12 days.

Fast Weight Loss on a Raw Food Diet! – Does it Really Work?

People following a strictly raw food diet have reported drastic weight loss results. Some people who have gone on an only-raw-food diet have reported weight loss of up to 15 pounds in the first week! In this article I shall show you how you can use the power of raw-food diet to your advantage.

Should I Try Medifast?

I recently received an email from someone who asked me, in part: “do you think I should try Medifast? I'm intrigued with some of the results I've seen from this diet but I've tried low carb diets in the past and I didn't like them.

How to Make a Low Carb Diet Healthy

Eating a low carb diet still is widely used by many people trying to lose weight, but is it still a viable solution to help you shed pounds and keep you healthy at the same time? Well, one thing is for sure is that those caught up in this low carb diet frenzy are definitely a little lighter in the bank account while advertisers and food manufacturers keep getting richer. Is there any truth to the low carb diet still being a long term weight management solution?

What is Dysbiosis?

Dysbiosis is an imbalance in the body's intestinal system due to many external factors and is the condition that gives rise to candidiasis. The Candida Diet may help restore the body's balance.

Calorie Shifting Diet Review – Is This the Easiest & Most Effective Diet to Lose Weight Very Fast?

Why is this diet the most popular online diet and does it really work to lose weight very fast? This Calorie Shifting Diet review will answer those very common questions. Read on to learn more.

Weight Loss Diets and Glycemic Index

There are so many diet plans in the market. If you are one those who jump from one diet program to another, then this might be the best news for you. Glycemic diet is an effective way of losing weight. Just like any other diet program, commitment is required in order for you to get the results that you want. However, unlike other programs, this is not another fad. It's interesting to know that glycemic index has been used to help diabetics in regulating their blood sugar.

Review of a Raw Food Diet

With obesity, diabetes and heart disease rising in the United States, let us consider a raw food diet review. It's important for each of us to evaluate the role that food plays in our daily lives. What kind of toxins are we consuming? Are we getting enough nutrients?

What Are the Best Tasting Nutrisystem Select Foods? Here's My Opinion

I have said in previous articles that I think that the Nutrisystem select meals are probably the best foods that the diet program has to offer. Yes, this option costs a bit more, but many people feel that they'd rather pay slightly more for something that they are going to very much enjoy eating. I was recently asked which select meals that I feel are the best. I'll tell you my top choices in the following article.

Great Ideas For Low Carb Diet Food Planning

Now that you have decided to consume less carbohydrates as part as your low carb diet, you should start planning of how you can achieve it. One important thing is of course to know what foods you should or should not be eating. Here are some food ideas for your low carb diet.

Incorporating Low Carb Foods Into Your Daily Mindset

When it comes to losing weight a great way to start is replacing bad carbs with good ones. It can be also a mindset when you are looking to replace them with low carb foods. Your mindset will be one of the most important things you do.

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