What Happens To Your Body When You Sit Too Much Every Day

The price for leading an inactive life is pretty high. Hey there viewers and welcome back to another bestie video! Most of us spend almost half our day sitting which, according to scientists, can lead to a cluster of long term issues like obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol. This modern day ailment has snuck up on us without any warning.

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Intro – 0:00
You will gain weight – 00:48
You will develop anxiety or depression – 01:26
Serious back and neck pain – 02:02
Your muscles will become weak – 02:36
You will have trouble falling asleep – 03:06
Will cause varicose veins – 03:40
May lead to joint pain – 04:09
It will shorten your life – 04:42
You will slow down your brain performance – 05:11
Your cancer risk will go up – 05:55
Your posture will be compromised – 06:27
Metabolism will slow down – 06:53


You will gain weight
Let’s start off with an obvious one. Weight gain is the direct result of a sedentary lifestyle. If you stay seated for a major part of your day and are skimping on going to the gym, then you will put on weight pretty quickly.

You will develop anxiety or depression
This may come as a shock, but anxiety, depression or just a feeling of loneliness has been linked with sitting down for too long.

Serious back and neck pain
We have all experienced back and neck pain at some point in our lives. When there is pain mainly in the lower back, specifically the place where your spine curves inward at the base, the reason can be boiled down to bad posture while sitting for too long.

Your muscles will become weak
Humans are built to stand up, we are not made to sit in one place for too long. This is why your heart health gets a boost while standing or doing some activity. A sedentary life will waste away the glutes and other leg muscles.

You will have trouble falling asleep
Sitting down all day in a reclining position combined with a lack of physical activity has major health risk factors. Insomnia is one of them.

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