What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Showering

Did you know the average human being spends almost a year bathing throughout their life? That's way too much. While we have been taught to bathe daily since childhood, this may be wrong. Taking baths all the time may actually be bad for you.

In today's video, we’re going to discuss gross things that happen to your body when you don't shower. Can you get blackheads? Will your skin get all flakey? We are talking about all this and more…

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Intro – 0:00
Sweat and bacteria – 0:27
Acne – 03:31
You will get sick – 04:08
Germs hijack your body – 04:54
Patchy skin – 05:22
Skin conditions get worse – 05:45
Oily hair – 06:19
Rashes on the scalp – 06:52


Sweat and bacteria mix together
A warm shower after a rough day feels great. If you’re stepping out for work or getting ready for a date, showering is the first thing you’d want to do.

Fungal infections
If you’ve had a fungal infection in the past, you will know how bad they smell. The rotten bacteria create foul-smelling toxins and initiate infection.

Builds up dead skin
Your body sheds thousands of dead cells every minute.

Other skin irritation
When you don't shower, rashes, itching, and dryness with red or brown patches are things you will experience.

Remember all those pictures of you as a teen where your face was covered in pimples? Guess what? Not showering for more than a week can give you those red bumps again.

6. You will get sick
Showering does have to take hours; it can be 10 minutes.

Germs hijack your body
Trillions of different germs are multiplying on your skin as we speak.

Patchy skin
This is one of the scarier results of not showering.

Skin conditions get worse
Skipping the shower is a very bad idea if you already suffer from eczema, another from of dermatitis.

Oily hair
There are few things that smell better than freshly-washed hair.

Rashes on the scalp
There are just so many causes of dry scalp.

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