What Happens to Your Body When You Take a Cold Shower

This video shows some of the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of cold showers for a range of physical and mental benefits.

Many people prefer hot showers to cold showers. However, some studies have shown that cold water can be beneficial for physical and mental health.

Most studies looking at the health benefits of cold water have used water immersion therapy. In water immersion therapy, a person immerses his or her body or part of his or her body in a tub of water for a period of time.

Although a cold shower isn't a pleasant experience, it can provide certain health benefits. For example, a 2014 study suggests that cold water can reduce inflammation and swelling, ease muscle spasms, and relieve pain.

Much of the research on the benefits of cold showers suggests that the water doesn't necessarily have to be cold for the entire duration of the shower to have positive effects.

You can also start with a warm shower and then switch to cold water for a short period of time. This can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Some people prefer a short cold shower of about 5-10 minutes. This can also be a practical approach to cold water therapy.

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