What Happens To Your Brain When You Read Every Day

The smell of a new book when you flip through its pages for the first time…It’s magical. But who has the time to sit down with a book?

Surprisingly, adults spend almost 2 to 3 hours a day on smartphones and television. What if you gave some of that time to books? In today's video, let's discuss how reading can benefit you.

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Intro – 0:00
Expands your vocabulary – 00:29
Improve concentration and focus – 01:06
Can motivate you – 01:37
Broadens your imagination – 02:33
Prevent Alzheimer's disease – 03:21
Can reduce stress and anxiety – 04:18
Improve your personality – 04:50
Boosts sleep – 05:59
Makes you empathetic – 06:31
Helps you to write better – 07:12
Increases your lifespan – 07:44


1. Expands your vocabulary
Pick up a book if you really want to have an edge over your peers and colleagues.

2. Improve concentration and focus
Sometimes your mind can be difficult to tame.

3. Can motivate you
Books can open the doors to a new world.

4. Broadens your imagination
Reading can be a great way to exercise your mind and brain.

5. Prevent Alzheimer's disease
Forgetfulness can creep into our daily lives in simple forms.

6. Can reduce stress and anxiety
How well do you handle pressure situations? Do you tend to crumble under stress? If yest then reading can be the best way to combat it.

7. Improve your personality
Everyone wants to have more friends. Books can be your best friends, literally and figuratively.

8. Boosts sleep
Things you do before going to bed can have an impact on the quality of your sleep.

9. Makes you empathetic
It's not always about reading the serious stuff. Reading about flying carpets, sci-fi concepts and werewolves has a distinctive benefit.

10. Helps you to write better
Even if being a writer is not your ultimate dream, you should give reading a genuine try.

11. Increases your lifespan
Who doesn't want to live longer? We often think that exercising and the correct diet is the way to achieve it.

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