What Happens When You Drink A Glass Of Milk Before Bed

From eye masks to blackout curtains, to sleeping medicines, there are plenty of creative ways you can get sleep. However, you may already have a terrific alternative in your refrigerator. We’re talking about a glass of milk. Drinking warm milk before bed is something that many of us have done.
In today's video, we'll figure out if drinking milk is just a tradition, or if there’s some scientific evidence supporting it.

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Did you know a third of all Americans aren’t getting proper sleep? Well, they’re not alone. Insomnia and other sleep disorders are becoming widespread around the world. People’s lives seem to be so fast-paced and stressful that they just can’t find a way to sleep. And what’s worse is that not a whole lot is being done to fix it.

Have you not heard about melatonin? I mean, it’s arguably one of the most well-known sleep-inducing chemicals. This substance occurs naturally in your body and is released by the pineal gland, which helps control the circadian rhythm.

Vitamin D
You must have heard that Vitamin D is required for healthy cell development, neuron and muscle function, and proper immune system function. It also aids in the reduction of inflammation, which is known to play a role in disorders such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. According to studies that have examined vitamin D levels with illness risk, having low blood levels of the vitamin is associated with a higher risk of a variety of chronic diseases, but having adequate or higher levels appears to result in a decreased risk.

Just like a cup of coffee can make you hyperactive, a glass of warm milk can help you go to sleep. While some of what makes milk useful for sleep is scientific, there’s also an element that is all in your head. There’s something about warm milk that reminds you of the good old days. Back when you had things much easier, and there were fewer responsibilities.

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