What Happens When You Eat Amla Every Day | (Indian Gooseberry)

Did you know Indian gooseberry, more popularly known as amla, is a super fruit in many cultures thanks to its medicinal effects? Because of its incredible health benefits, alma is routinely used in India as a part of Ayurvedic medicine!

Looking to add Amla to your diet? It can be a very sour superfruit on its own, but when used correctly, alma can be pretty delicious!

In today’s video, let’s explore the health benefits of amla. Can it help with heartburn? What about its anti-aging benefits? Let’s examine the benefits of this superfruit and all it offers!

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Intro – 0:00
Soothe Heartburn – 00:35
Anti-aging – 01:34
Reduce The Risk Of Cancer – 02:37
Heart Health – 03:32
Control Your Blood Sugar – 04:56
Heal Your Liver – 06:13
Boost Your Immunity – 06:40


Soothe Heartburn
Heartburn can be very uncomfortable. Constantly worrying about what to eat and what to avoid can be irritating too.

We all wish to remain young and glowing for as long as possible. But unfortunately, aging is inevitable! This doesn't mean you can't slow down its effects! Eating amla regularly can help prevent signs of aging.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer
Cancer is a terrifying disease. Cancer prevention is so important; that's why the foods you include in your diet are also important! Superfoods can be added to your diet to help prevent cancer cells from forming and spreading such as Amla.

Heart Health
The heart is one of the most vital organs in the body. Yet, most don't give it the attention and care it needs. Keeping your heart healthy and in tip-top condition is vital to make sure you live a long healthy life.

Control Your Blood Sugar
Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is extremely important for your health and well-being. You have to especially take care of your blood sugar levels if you they tend to be on the higher side. High blood sugar levels result in diabetes, which can lead to some health challenges in the long term.

Heal Your Liver
People who don't follow a healthy diet can damage their liver. Your liver is key in making sure your body is performing its tasks, such as processing your metabolism, filtering waste, and storing energy. But an unhealthy diet can destroy this vital organ.

Boost Your Immunity
Your immunity system plays a key role in ensuring infections and diseases are kept away. It is necessary to keep your immune system working at the optimal level. When your immunity is low, you’ll find yourself struggling with infections often. Even the common cold and flu become a nightmare to deal with.

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