What The Color You Have In Your Home Tells About You | Color Psychology

In today’s video, we will talk about the psychology of colors and how to use them effectively in your house. What does the color orange relate to? What about the psychology behind blue? We will discuss all this AND more…

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This bright color is associated with creativity, adventure, and communication. Orange is considered to be one of the most stimulating and inspiring colors on the wheel.Light

Studies prove that color and light have an effect on physiology, psychology, cognitive performance, and hormone production in humans. Blue, especially light shades of blue, bring on feelings of peace and serenity.

A recent study showed that green living rooms bring on a sense of neutrality and happiness among the participants.

Yellow is the color of reason and intellect. In addition to its cheerful tone, the color gives you a sense of focus and determination. Yellow brings us hope, happiness, and joy. It’s known to awaken clarity and concentration.
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