What To Do If You’re Bitten By A Mouse And How To Get Rid Of Mice At Home

Out of the 2 million animal bites that occur every year in the US, Mouse bites are responsible for 1% of them. If left untreated rodent bites can lead to bacterial infection, changes in the kidneys or liver and may cause pneumonia.

Mice aren’t aggressive by nature but if they see a threat they’ll bite. You’re most likely to get bitten while handling a mouse. Usually these bites aren’t serious but the main problem is infection because they’re carriers of deadly viruses and bacteria.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Wash and soak the wound – 00:40
2. Cover your wound – 01:23
3. In case of wound bleeding – 01:55
4. Pain relief medication – 02:31
Look For Early Signs Of Increasing Infection –
When to seek medical help – 03:29
Rat-bite fever things to know – :04:12
How to get rid of mouse at home – 05:17
1. Block all the entry ways – 05:43
2. Use mouse traps – 05:58
3. De-clutter – 06:13
4. Regular pruning – 06:32


1. Wash And Soak The Wound
Prevention is better than a cure. Now that you’ve been bitten you are going to have to put a full stop to the spreading of infection – and quick. Wash the wound thoroughly under running water for at least 20 seconds. This will inhibit the spreading of disease like tetanus.

2. Cover Your Wound
You don’t want to leave your wound open as it will increase the chance of infection, and that will make healing more difficult. The best way to close it up is by applying antibacterial ointment and then wrapping it in clean, sterile gauze. To avoid irritation of your skin remember to clean away all the soapy water.

3. In Case Of Bleeding
A little bit of blood may make you nervous but there is no cause for alarm yet! Calm down and see if the blood is flowing freely or lightly. In case of light flow, press around the wound to make the blood ooze out. We’re not being gross, there’s a reason! It’s to clear out any toxins or infectious bacteria.

4. Pain Relief Medication
If you look at the mouse bite closely you will see it looks like 2 tiny holes from the rodent’s razor sharp teeth. Since this injury will be extremely painful you can have a pain killer after consulting your doctor to be on a safe side.

Look For Early Signs Of Increasing Infection:
Keep an eye on the bite to see if there’s an infection and whether it is increasing or not. Symptoms include:

Pain keeps getting worse instead of better as expected.

You start developing a fever which is never good news in case of infections.

Redness developing around the wounded area. This means that the infection is spreading gradually.

Bloating up of your lymph nodes is another indication of growing symptoms. This may occur on your neck, armpit or groin region.

The affected area feels tender when you touch it.

When to seek medical help:
Did the mouse just scratch you or did it bite you? Was the bite intense or light? To be completely sure and to eliminate all possibility of infection it is vital for you to go see a doctor ASAP. After cleaning the wound, applying ointment and dressing it head over to the nearest doctor.

Rat-bite fever things to know:
So a mouse bit you, you have taken all the preventive measures required and are now contemplating if you have rat bite fever.

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