Why Snacking Can Actually Be Good For You | 8 Snacking Benefits

In today’s video, we will highlight the advantages of healthy snacking. Can snacking provide more nutrients? What about improving your metabolism? Wait, is it really okay for me to eat before bed? We’re talking about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
More nutrients and vitamins – 0:33
Deal with overeating – 1:56
Enhance your brain power – 3:01
Beat your afternoon slumps – 3:55
Improve your metabolism – 4:55
Improve your social life – 5:39
Control your blood sugar levels – 6:14
Get a good night’s rest – 6:50


1. More nutrients and vitamins
While three full meals a day is the norm for most people, taking a break to nibble between meals can actually be very healthy. If you eat something other than the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner items, they can be extremely beneficial for your lifestyle. Research states that eating snacks between meals promotes satiety and stops overconsumption later on.

2. Deal with overeating
We've all been there before — Trying to watch what we eat, only to finally give in and have something unhealthy. Starving yourself throughout the day is a one way ticket to a bloated belly.

3. Enhance your brain power
While food has usually been associated with energy and muscle, its ability to help you think is also being recognized. A good snack can be just what you need to get you through your work day. Anyone who’s worked in an office can back me up with this…

4. Beat your afternoon slumps
Most of us know that if you don’t eat, you’re more vulnerable to physical illness. Well, you’re also vulnerable to mental illness. There are few feelings worse than afternoon depression, especially if it’s on an empty stomach.

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