Why Veganism Has Become More Popular During The Pandemic

In the last few decades, there weren't any huge movements  in the market related to health and wellness.

With the pandemic, more people started to be healthier and also adhered to veganism. Did you know that?

In the United Kingdom, a report from Mintel revealed that 25% of young people from Generation Y say that the pandemic made the vegan diet more appealing to them.

Globally, data from Google Trends shows that veganism is at its highest popularity, even higher than its previous record in 2019. Are you part of this number?

To have an idea, the sales in the segment of healthy foods, those without sugar, gluten, or preservatives, reached USD$ 18.2 billion in 2020, according to Euromonitor International.

But that doesn't mean you need a salary raise to become a vegan, quite the opposite. You can eat much more healthily and cheaper if you choose seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that, altogether, 70% of diseases since 1940 come from animals (like the coronavirus we are fighting right now)? That's according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

FAO also says that people are eating more red and white meat and are going to other areas, increasing the volume of goods and products commercialized internationally. With that, harmful organisms travel around the world more easily than before.

Climate change, like alterations in temperature or imbalance of seasons and rainy season, also affects the biological behavior of animals, impacting hosts, vectors, and pathogens.

The connection between Covid-19 and meat consumption caused a rise in posts relating veganism to the prevention of pandemics. There has been more focus on healthy diets as a way of preventing severe cases of Covid.

As we saw, the pandemic made more people adhere to veganism. As it seems, a new generation of vegans is being born, one that worries not only about animals but about their health and environment.

Are you part of this movement? Do you know anyone who became a vegan during the pandemic?



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