Why You Should Clean Your Tongue With a Tongue Scraper

Among the tools that can contribute to oral health, the tongue scraper is one of the most sought by patients.

And it is not for nothing: this item promises to remove microorganisms that cause oral problems like halitosis. Did you know that?

Choosing a tongue scraper should follow some recommendations.

For starters, it is necessary to understand that it should be used together with your toothbrush – it is not a replacement.

The toothbrush organizes the residues in your mouth, making the cleaning easier and efficient.

When choosing your scraper model, you will probably find lots of options.

If well cared for, a tongue scraper can last your whole life. That is, the copper or stainless-steel versions since they are 100% metal, a material with long durability.

Remember to invest in an option with a delicate head design to make it easier to put the tongue scraper all the way inside your mouth and ensure a good cleaning.

If you still want a bristled tongue scraper, opt for those with soft or extra-soft bristles.

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