Why You Should Stop Using a Towel to Dry Your Face

Washing your face is certainly part of your skincare routine, right?

Did you know that this habit was one of the most common among women? It is essential to ensure your skin's health since it removes residues and excess oil.

But did you know that washing your face can also be harmful to your skin?

You probably think that the toilet is the most contaminated part of your house. But that's not it. Actually, towels are the biggest focus of bacteria in your house and may even cause damages when used for drying the face, even if it is an everyday habit.

See now some reasons to stop drying your face with a towel:

Causes irritation
If your skin is sensitive, towels aren't the best option to dry your face.

Causes acne
Using the same towel to dry your body and face can damage your skin more than your think.

Your skin ages faster
As we said before, depending on the material used, fluffy bath towels end up being too rough on the face.

Your skin gets oily
It seems counterintuitive, but drying your skin makes it oilier. D

Now that you know why it is not a good idea to use towels to dry your face, watch the video to learn how to dry your face properly!

Now tell us, do you use towels to dry your face? Try letting your skin air-dry and share your opinion with us.

0:00 Why you should stop using towels to dry your face
0:38 Towels can cause irritation on skin
0:54 Towels can contribute to acne
1:23 Towels can make your skin age faster
1:41 Towels can make your skin oily



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