Your Favorite BREAKFAST According To Your Zodiac Sign

Hey there, bestie! Are you in a breakfast rut? Well, you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming when choosing your first meal. What if I told you that there is a perfectly reasonable way to pick breakfast and it relates to your date of birth? Yes, you heard that right. Astrologers have suggested some delicious and healthy breakfast ideas based on your zodiac sign and I can’t wait to discuss it with you.

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Intro – 0:00
1.Avocado Toast For An Aries : 00:28
2.Greek Yogurt With Fruit And Nuts For A Taurus : 00:58
3.Chia Pudding For A Gemini : 01:29
4.Oatmeal For A Cancer : 02:05
5.Pancakes For A Leo : 02:34
6.Granola For A Virgo : 03:03
7. Burritos For A Libra : 03:33
8.Cinnamon Roll For A Scorpio : 04:03
9. Croissant For A Sagittarius : 04:40
10. Cereal For A Capricorn : 05:17
11. Smoothie For An Aquarius : 05:50
12. Waffles For A Pisces : 06:22


Avocado Toast For An Aries
You can’t be expected to slow it down if you are an Aries. There are many wonderful qualities about you but your courage and passion stand out the most. So, why not start your morning with some savory avocado toast?

Greek Yogurt With Fruit And Nuts For A Taurus
Being a Taurus, you don’t want to settle but you also have trust issues. So, what should your breakfast be? Astrologers say it should be a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. Why, you ask?

Chia Pudding For A Gemini
As a Gemini, you are always changing. It is easier for you to get bored of your breakfast compared to others. So, you are advised to switch your breakfast meal often. You could choose different food items linked to your ruling planet which is Mercury.

Oatmeal For A Cancer
The whole room lights up with your radiant, loving and caring energy as soon as you enter, dear cancer. You are such a giver but you often forget to take care of yourself in the process. So, make sure you start your day with a nice healthy bowl of oatmeal.

Pancakes For A Leo
You are the most charming person on the block and you know it. Not many breakfast ideas go with your loyal, kind and larger than life personality. You wouldn’t say no to some nicely made pancakes, though.

Granola For A Virgo
You want to achieve perfection in everything that you do. From your work to your breakfast, you need to be at the top of your game. While I know you are absolutely killing it at work, you might take a nice breakfast suggestion from the astrologers.

Burritos For A Libra
You are all about justice, aren’t you? You are always looking for balance, even in your breakfast. So, a nicely made burrito with all your favorite ingredients would do justice to your fair and square soul.

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