Your Tongue Is Probably Filthy, Here’s How To Effectively Clean It

Have you ever wondered what your breath smells like to others? Just take a spoon and drag it over your tongues’ surface. It’s pretty gross, but it works. This is called tongue scraping, and it performs several functions. Let’s talk about them in today’s video.

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Intro – 0:00
But what exactly is this gross stuff? – 01:12
So how can you clean this gunk off? : 01:48
Tongue brushing – 01:51
Scrapers – 02:25
Spoons – 02:55
Cleaners – 03:42
So why should you never skip scraping your tongue? – 04:07
1. Makes you taste food better – 04:011
2. Helps your tongue look better – 04:33
3. Removes bacteria – 04:50
4. Improves your immunity – 05:11
5. Bad breath – 05:27

So are there any side effects? – 05:41
1. Gag reflex – 05:45
2. Cuts – 06:03
3. Harm the taste buds – 06:21


Observing closely, you may find the white layer towards the back of your tongue. The tip of the tongue is usually clear. This is because it helps you speak and swallow, and always comes in contact with your teeth, and the roof of your mouth. This creates friction and naturally cleanses out anything stuck to the tip.

But the back part of your tongue is stable and doesn’t do as much work. This allows all kinds of gross stuff to collect on its surface.

But what exactly is this gross stuff?

The white coating on your tongue is the undigested food that sits long enough for the bacteria to rot. Just imagine the leftovers from your meal sitting on your tongue for days on end. Pretty nasty, right? This is why you need to clean it off yourself.

So how can you clean this gunk off?

Tongue brushing
You don't need to buy special tools for this. It’s pretty simple.

These are inverted ‘U' shaped devices with handles at both ends.

Just get a regular spoon from your kitchen drawer.

The tongue cleaners incorporate elements from both a brush and a scraper.

So why should you never skip scraping your tongue?

1. Makes you taste food better
Your tongue is coated with taste buds.

2. Helps your tongue look better
Color is the best indicator of a healthy tongue.

3. Removes bacteria
In order for our bodies to function, there needs to be a balance in both good and bad bacteria.

4. Improves your immunity
Your mouth is an indicator of your overall health.

5. Bad breath
Getting rid of bacteria not only protects your teeth from rotting, but also from bad breath.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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