You’re Damaging Your Body Silently With These 14 Warning Signs Of Stress

Most of us have experienced different levels of stress at some point in our lives. Some signs are very obvious, and then there are the not so obvious ones. Sometimes we let these little signs go unchecked and believe our stress to be under control. However, it’s critical not to ignore them as they can wreak havoc on your body in the long run. And in today’s video, we will tell you the subtle signs of stress on your body. From back pain, short temper, excessive sweet tooth, dehydration to sleep issues and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Sore jaw – 00:46
Back pain – 01:20
Second Guessing Yourself – 01:59
Numbness or Tingling in Your Arms and Hands – 02:48
Falling sick often – 03:22
Short temper – 03:57
Biting your nails – 04:15
Picking your skin – 04:48
You’re unable to concentrate – 05:13
Expanding Waistline – 05:49
Sleep issues – 06:16
Excessive Sweet tooth – 06:56
Dehydration – 07:49
Skin Problems – 08:31


Sore jaw: Did you know stress can affect your mouth? Just like sore muscles, stress can cause you to clench your jaw or grind your teeth.

Back Pain: When we are stressed, we tend to tense more than usual. A constant flex of certain muscle groups can cause sore muscles.

Second Guessing Yourself: Stress affects how we think and process information, including how we make decisions. No matter how you make decisions, be it more intuitive, analytical, or somewhere in the middle, that is your tried-and-true decision-making style.

Numbness or Tingling in Your Arms and Hands: You may be holding all that tension you're feeling in your neck and shoulders, which is a very common problem.

Falling Sick Often: You need a strong immune system to fight disease, but stress weakens your body’s defenses. It makes you more likely to catch colds or the flu.

Short Temper: Even the sweetest-natured person on the planet can snap if stress is taking over their lives.

Biting your nails: If you’re just biting your nails in lieu of cutting them then this probably doesn’t apply to you. But starting to attack your previously cared-for fingertips is a change in behaviour that could definitely indicate stress.

Picking your skin: Similarly to biting your nails, picking at your skin is a way of preoccupying your hands while your mind is elsewhere – probably on whatever is stressing you out.

You’re unable to concentrate: You might be sitting in front of the TV or flicking through Instagram when you suddenly ‘come to’ and realise you’ve no idea what just happened.

Expanding Waistline: When stress lingers for a long time, your stress hormones continue to rise and potentially remain elevated.

Sleep Issues: Waking up exhausted, having trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, having bizarre dreams or nightmares? You could have some significant stress in your life that is causing sleep problems.

Excessive Sweet Tooth: Persistent stress triggers the adrenal glands to work overtime pumping out stress hormones. This ramps up your appetite, making you more likely to grab a cupcake than a carrot.

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